• Quality without compromise. All of our wines, from the basics on up to the Grosse Lagen (best vineyards), receive an equal amount of attention. Every day of the growing season is devoted to personal, hands-on care of the vineyards to ensure the unique potential of the terroir and to guarantee a harvest of healthy, expressive grapes. We gently guide the must through fermentation and its metamorphosis into wine. The rest we leave up to Mother Nature.
  • Donatus Landgraf von Hessen und Martin Walther
  • Naturally we give our equally undivided attention to the grapes we have chosen for our basic wines. VDP.GUTSWEIN are the refreshing, succulent and youthful entry level to our wine quality pyramid. They are vinified from grapes selected from our vineyards all around the village of Johannisberg which have been home to grapevines for hundreds of years. VDP.GUTSWEIN are characterized by an animating freshness and mouthwatering crispness.
  • To best bring out the regional characteristics of our wines it is of utmost importance to reduce the yield and tend to the vineyards carefully and intensively. We harvest the grapes from Johannisberg and Winkel in separate batches to insure their individual expression later in the glass. Our wine cellar is perfectly attuned to meet this challenge. It is stocked with fermentation vessels of differing sizes, enabling the various vineyard parcels to be vinified and stored individually. Depending on the grape variety, the vineyard and the vintage, we can choose between stainless steel tanks or wooden barrels. Thus, our village designated wines (VDP.ORTSWEIN) mirror the uniqueness of their terroir and concur with the high standards we set for ourselves.
  • The VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS, nestled in our top vineyards, Johannisberger Klaus, Winkeler Hasensprung and Winkeler Jesuitengarten, vividly represent the potential that lies within these outstanding vineyards so favored by nature. Complex, concentrated and at the same time expressing sophisticated elegance. The essence of the Rheingau’s prime vineyard sites.
  • Badger’s filet. Hobby horse. Gold nugget.

    These wines are the Prinz von Hessen estate’s special creations, the top of our line. The meticulously selected grapes ripen to perfection in certified vineyards. The unmistakable characteristics of the Riesling grape focus on their unique aromatic expression: fruity elegance, rich minerality and great aromatic finesse. Our winemaker makes full use of everything Riesling has to offer – from dry wines on up to the luxurious dessert wines.